Audio: Are You Resisting Change?

Why do we resist? What do we resist most? How can you stop resisting? How can you work with people who do resist? It’s Human Nature to Resist. Resistance to change is an important part of human beings’ innate instinct to survive. It is an action taken by individuals and groups when they perceive that a change that is occurring as a threat to them. Key words here are ‘perceive’ and ‘threat’. The threat need not be real or large for resistance to occur. Take a moment and list what you are most resisting in your life? Is it trying some new food or technology? Is it deeper than that like, being outrageously successful? Take a few moments and list what you resist in life. Most people are more comfortable with old problems than new solutions. Therefore, challenges and obstacles that call us to learn and grow and change are perceived as ‘risks’, if not deadly ‘enemies’. There is a small coffee shop in Encinitas that caters to a very young, hip crowd. The owner pasted a note on a jar at the cashier’s table that read, ‘If you fear change, leave it here.’ The old English author, Alexander Pope, was born in 1688, but one of his sentences sounds like the lyrics of a pop song. He wrote, “He moves easiest who know how to dance”. For those not so attached to the status quo, those who are “light on their feet”, who can flex and change, life is easier – especially in transition times. Often, our will and determination fail because the intellect can only chart a course to what is already known. In transition, transformation becomes the recourse. Transformation implies the natural outgrowing of one set of circumstances and movement into another, guided by the power of some intuitive magnetic theme. Recorded October 11th, 2011
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  • Kinsey Bettencourt

    This was a great zipCast. Personally, I know that for me, making a change in my life can be a big step and I often pass up on the oppurtunity because of my own resistance. Soon I will be making a big change in my life (deciding which college to attend) and now I have some tools to help!

    • Anonymous

      This sounds like a perfect project for to do a Cycle on.

  • Craig

    Hi Kinsey, You are a very special person – to have these tools that you speak about. If I had such methods when I was your age, I would have lived a much more conscious life. However, I feel like a kid these days, and I’m continue to learn “at the speed of fear”, and that’s why I am moving forward faster than I ever have. BTW, where are you thinking of going to college? Craig

    • Kinsey

      Either SDSU or UCSD. And I look forward to meeting you sometime soon!

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