If you Knew You Could Not Fail?

What is failure? Throughout history, pioneers and innovators have experienced numerous and profound setbacks, but continued to “fail forward” toward their goals. Yet, what if? What if you were given one guarantee in life – to accomplish one particular goal? What would you choose to be? To do? Build an empire? Cure cancer? Construct your dream house? Find the perfect mate? What is your primary purpose? If you are “fuzzy” about the answer to this question, The GAPzip System can help you answer it and then accomplish whatever you want – in your life, career, relationships or some particular project. If you cannot define the starting point of “purpose”, you cannot expect to cross the finish-line of “success”.

  • Craig

    Failure…what a weird word! If we took the issue of success/failure into a laboratory, we’d undoubtedly discover that the most successful people had the most failures. Babe Ruth held both the homerun and strkeout records for years! Thomas Edison knew 15,000 methods that would NOT light his light bulb! My weird mind always (subconsciously) equated failure with fear – “Failure is painful, frustrating, embarassing!” Who wants to fail? Yet, in my experience, (and my life has melted down twice), I KNOW that I made the most progress-toward-consciousness in those dark times. I’ve actually come to believe that we’re sort of like Alice living in Wonderland, where everything is upside-down. “Failure” is actually “success” if we learn from it, and failure may be the PRIMARY way of learning. I plan of lots of failure in my future, but I also plan on laughing all the way….

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