Andrew Papageorge and Craig Marshall serve conscious professionals, those dynamic and goal-oriented individuals who express three primary qualities. He or she is: 1)    Seeking personal and professional results 2)    In search of a scientific system for success 3)    Willing to commit to purposeful action. Andrew & Craig provide personal consulting for many high-profile clients, lead weekend workshops in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, and engage with innovators around the world via GAPzip Online, an interactive program for education, networking and sharing. The GAPzip System has been tested around the globe for three decades, and over 250,000 people have used its methods of transformation and innovation to obtain superior results. GAPzip Online is an online learning program and visionary community, where members explore the GAPzip System of transformation and innovation. Its vast resources teach GAPzip’s 14-elements through easy-to-understand programs – via video, audio, podcasts, blog posts and interactive media. (Members network, learn from each other and share valuable information and resources with other members around the world.) GAPzip Business Consulting is a dynamic system of transformation and innovation used by large, mid-size and small business in over 50 different industries Our methodology has saved business tens of millions of dollars and countless hours. GAPzip is a tested and proven science that can take your business, large or small, to the next level. GAPzip Personal Consulting is a dynamic one-on-one experience that will leverage your strengths, vision and deepest dreams by teaching you a framework for thinking and systems approach to transformation and innovation. Our clients choose to work on one of three system levels: their life, their career or relationships, or on a specific project. (We begin with a comprehensive assessment, then use the zipCycle to formulate a strategic plan for success. Our clients are men and women, of all ages, and usually in the midst of a personal or professional transformation. Let us demonstrate for you how you can easily and quickly obtain the results you want.) GAPzip Workshops are a dynamic and fun way to learn the GAPzip System and experience its simple methods and powerful results in a current project or in your life. Participants are often small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, students and housewives. We are so convinced that you’ll make dramatic progress, we even offer a refund if you don’t achieve significant progress during the workshop. (When you register, you get a personal assessment of your innovation strengths, and each participant is encouraged to bring a project to work on. Your 80-page workbook gives you a record of all the learning during the workshop, and following the program, you will be eligible to join GAPzip Online for continuing education and become part of the GAPzip community.)

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