Personal Consulting

GAPzip Personal Consulting brings about positive and permanent change in the quality of your life. You will experience a new and unique freedom, power and confidence – in all circumstances.

Your Results

GAPzip clients report positive results in the following areas:
    • Enhanced personal productivity
    • Intuitive clarity about life purpose
    • Greater enjoyment of life
    • Greater financial success
    • More meaningful relationships
    • Greater life balance and less stress


Your creative idea + The GAPzip System = SUCCESS

Here’s How It Works

The GAPzip System has been proven around the world for 30 years. It’s helped thousands achieve their goals.

The GAPzip System leverages your personal skills (blue) to guide your creative idea through a scientific thinking-framework (red) within your environment (yellow) to achieve the results you desire.

The Next You

Are you ready to invest in yourself? GAPzip Personal Consulting Programs are for people committed to achieving “breakthrough” results in their professional and personal lives. Thousands have used the GAPzip System. Andrew and Craig offer a unique combination of insight, experience and skills.
You’ll learn a new thinking process. HOW you think is more important than WHAT you think. THOUGHT leads to ACTIONS that lead to RESULTS. Therefore, it’s necessary to change your thinking in order to change your results.
We begin with a personal assessment, which outlines your core strengths and vision. With this profile, we show how early experiences sometimes limited your potential and results. You’ll also learn how to transcend your limiting thoughts and self-doubts. Then, we introduce the GAPzip System. You learn the zipCycle, our framework for innovative thinking, which we use to create your strategic map on the focus of our work together. Finally, we provide follow-up support to ensure continued success.
We guarantee our work. If you’re not satisfied with your results, we will work with you until you are. Our programs have never failed. Of course, we observe strict confidentiality throughout the consulting process.

Benefits of Transformation and Innovation

  • Leverage your strengths
  • Use your fears as fuel
  • Identify and address your blind-spots
  • Experience greater self-awareness
  • Embrace a technology of success
  • Re-define what’s possible for you
  • Work with inspired colleagues
  • Think beyond problem/solution
  • Tools to map your strategies

Your Personal Coaches

Andrew and Craig, two wise guys committed to people living extraordinary lives.

With over 70 years of experience in the fields of personal growth and business innovation, Andrew & Craig know what it takes to be a “conscious professional” in today’s world. They will partner with you to achieve greater success.

Andrew Papageorge is a pioneer in the field of innovation who created a system to transform vision into reality. Thirty years ago, he launched the personal planner industry. Since then Andrew has guided hundreds of organizations of all sizes through thousands of innovations. He has built five major businesses, selling one to a Fortune 100 company and has authored nine ground breaking works for personal and professional success. Providing structure and process, Andrew is an innate system-thinker who retains the “big” picture while being able to focus on the smallest details.    
Craig Marshall was a yoga monk for 35 years. His visionary work has awakened thousands around the world, teaching them how to face fears and draw on their intuition to realize their full identity and deepest dreams. Craig began as a child actor, graduated from USC film school, and has lived and worked in many different cultures. His wit, wisdom, and commitment to the hero’s journey continue to empower many prominent people to take a stand for what means the most to them. Craig is a radical, risk-taking adventurer who has learned to act in alignment with his innermost vision.


GAPzip Client Stories

Which story is most like yours?

  Jaime She was a believer, dreamer and accomplished professional in her later 50s, divorced, with her kids grown up. She wanted a second chance at happiness by helping others. Jaime hoped to be an author and empower others to lives of wellness and health. She was driven by a vision, but feared she didn’t have what it took. Yet, she was willing to work hard to get results. (read Jaime’s story) Kevin A family man in his late 40s, Kevin worked as the VP of Operations for a national food distributor. He was smart, hard-working, but under pressure to succeed in his job. He was paying a high price of personal stress and family friction causing him frequently to lapse into various escapes. (learn about Kevin’s breakthrough) Michael The owner and founder of a medium sized software company in Los Angeles, Michael was doing well for himself professionally. Although he was successful, Michael yearned for something more, but the vision of what he wanted has failed to take shape. He is growing increasingly frustrated and (although he doesn’t admit it) more and more disheartened. (find out what happened to Michael) Susan A mid 40’s successful photojournalist, Susan spent her time traveling the world to capture breaking stories. Her adventures constantly took to her exotic destinations. She lived a life that many people dreamed of, but lately she had begun reflecting on her life because she knew she was in some transition. Susan realized that she wanted a life partner, but she didn’t know where to start. (read how Susan found that special someone)

What Our Clients Say:

Working with Andrew and Craig has been the best investment I have ever made in myself. I have achieved clarity about my daily life that I never had. They create an environment that empowered me, while also challenging how I thought. It worked for me in a very powerful and transformational way” Judy Peach, aerospace executive
I’m way too busy to spend time on anything that doesn’t provide valuable benefits. At times, my business challenges were almost overwhelming. My work with Andrew and Craig has given me the most important benefits of all — clarity — on what means the most to me, and a way to achieve those things in both my business and my personal life.” Doug Gwelke, CEO, retail jewelry business
Like most doctors, for years I experienced continuous stressful conflicts. Performing eye surgeries, teaching surgeons and developing my global philanthropic work was taking a toll on my personal and family life. Andrew & Craig gave me broader perspective, plus tools to balance my life while fulfilling my vision.” Paul Dougherty, M.D., Founder of Laser Vision, Los Angeles, CA

Choose From Two Dynamic Programs

Strategic Mapping

(create a strategic plan for your vision)

Strategic Journey

(implement your strategic plan to achieve your vision)

Strategic Mapping Program includes:

  • Personal strengths assessment
  • Introduction to systems thinking
  • Education on the GAPzip System and zipCycle
  • Strategic map that outlines your purpose, ideal future, measures & strategies
  • Methods to navigate your inner and outer environments
  • Proven processes that generate personal breakthroughs
  • Tools to measure your progress and retain focus during the transition
  • 3-month access pass to the GAPzip Learning Library and Community
  • Follow-up support to help you sustain your success
  • Documentation of all conversations and plans
Strategic Journey Program includes:
  • Assessment of environmental influences that will affect your innovation
  • Detailed project plans, timelines, weekly/daily plans and delegation lists
  • Defined strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Ongoing dialogues to support personal productivity and accountability
  • Personal intuitive insights to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Tools for maintaining balance, while orchestrating your results
  • 6-month access pass to the GAPzip Learning Library and Community
  • Partnership with Andrew & Craig throughout your innovation process
  • Networking opportunities with potential collaborators
  • Documentation of all conversations and plans

Consulting Schedule

You’ll work directly with Andrew & Craig – via web conference and telephone.You’ll view their computer screen, as you develop your Strategic Map and implement, step-by-step, your Strategic Journey. Weekly sessions last between 30-minutes and two hours each. In between sessions, you’ll have assignments to complete. Progress goes very fast and it’s fun.

You’ll receive:

  • Valuable personal and professional assessments
  • A comprehensive overview of systems thinking
  • Multi-media modules to reinforce your learning
  • Access to community support from likeminded people
  • Discounts on GAPzip products and services

Are You Ready?

We’re looking for individuals who are seeking “breakthrough” results. Are you ready to commit to realizing yourvision? GAPzip Consulting Programs are not for people who are “thinking about change” or “sort of open” to greater responsibility. We guarantee each program and hold clients accountable to two commitments: attending consulting sessions and completion of personal assignments.
If you’re ready, you’ll get results. We guarantee it.

 For A Free Personal Evaluation call:

Craig                       or               Andrew 323 514 7034                           760-402-1122

Thanks for everything. I just love the laser-focus the GAPzip System has brought to my television series. Your direction, input and inspiration are really appreciated. I think you guys are brilliant” Shadoe Stevens, television and radio producer
For the first time, I have an integrated picture of my life and work. For 25 years, I struggled with managing my time and tasks. Working with the GAPzip System has opened my brain to the purpose and ideal outcome of each project – rather than rushing into strategies and activities. I now have clarity and confidence instead of stress.” John Moseley, construction engineer
The key for me was the ongoing support. I recruited Craig & Andrew to help me complete an important project, and their follow-up was amazing. I get articles, videos, audios and receive regular reminders to keep me on track. I’ll soon be able to fly from the nest on my own.” Ann Leonard, author and activist