What Would You Do?

Action is what separates the “sheep” from the “goats”. “Sheep” are afraid to take the necessary steps to manifest their visions. They are not yet ready for that level of personal responsibility. Instead, they remain temporarily trapped in the realms of emotion and thought. Action grows out of two states of mind: clarity and commitment. These are the byproducts of practicing the GAPzip System. When you have clarity on your purpose and ideal future, you are motivated to manifest your goals. Until then, there will be hesitation, doubt and uncertainty. Action is relatively easy. The challenge is getting ready – obtaining clarity, overcoming fears, defining one’s ideal – rather than timidly wallowing in confusion.  When you are ready for action, no one can stop you. You then realize that you have been stopping yourself.

  • Craig

    This is a very exhilerating/frightening question. The major shift from thinking to action is what separates the players from the spectators. One of the ways that I’m currently disciplining myself to stay in the action mode is to be around more and more people who have that clarity and commitment. One of my heroines is regularly signing her correspondence to me with the words…”all in”. Every time I read those two small words, I get goosebumps (as I have right now) and think the same thought and feel the same feeling. I intuitively know that this shift is a “tipping point” in my life. I’ve had it with any kind of safety (which was a total myth) and AM finally ready to be a spear-carrier for my Life Purpose. I’m a day too old to stay safe and small, and I intuitively know that, in my long and lonely life, I AM finally ready to stop living “horizontally” and commit to the vertical.

    The F-16 jet has two engines. At maximum power, it can fly vertical for several minutes before it burns up. To reach maximum speed, it bypasses the fuel injection system and just dumps the fuel tanks directly into the jet flame, reaching incredible speeds in seconds. From now on, that’s my life plan. I’m still prudent and practical, but that’s the direction…. “all in”, “all ahead full”….

    • J E Peach

      …and accelerate to military power with max afterburners.

  • amy raymond

    yes I was a bit quick in my response………Most likely when I start to yalk to brenda I ould try to get to teh heart of her actions and hear her response….I would then tell her my own position and my sense of discomfort in not following company policy….basically I would use my conflict resolution training…

    • craigmarshall

      Using “I” statements is very powerful. It precludes judgments, and allows room for the other party to “own” their position. In this case, if one becomes moralistic or judgmental, Brenda will possibly have a negative reaction, However, as long as you state your beliefs, concerns and feelings, you are in integrity, and Brenda will eventually have to respond to that….

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