Who Would You Be?

Do you really know who you are? Most people have multiple identities, which subdivide into two basic categories – the ego and the conscious Self. We all grow up with somewhat conflicting identities, at times feeling in tune with our inner essence and taking steps to achieve our goals (inside-out), while at other times we “play the game”, as we try to fit in and please others (outside-in). Maturity can be thought of as a conscious state, in which thought, speech and action line up to express one’s personal values and vision. Although rare, such alignment uniquely defines every emerging hero.  

  • Craig

    My sense is that “maturity” is a myth! I’ve been on the planet for many decades now, but I still don’t feel close to being “mature”. The word “mature”, to me, means conscious, aware, having choice, not emotionally reacting, becoming angry, fearful and taking things personally. I may be getting there, but not quite yet. I’ll let you know….

  • Helena

    It gives me a sense of “hope”, when people like you (who have been specially focused on this struggle for such a long time) says that! For me that sincerity is also “maturity”, and ….humbleness too! In short, it’s a continue battle never to give up… Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Please share more of you!

  • Craig

    Hi Helena, Judy suggested that several of us post our New Year’s vision for 2012 on the zipChatter forum for the zipCast of “Your 2012 Vision”. I’m going to do it. You haven’t been to a workshop, but if you go to the Connection home page, click on the menu bar “System” and then click on the dropdown menu “zipCycle”, it will give you a format for thinking. The “vision” section has 2 parts: Purpose and Ideal Future, the Measures are quantitative and qualitative measures of the “gap” between where you currently are and where you want to be at the end of 2012. The measures you list will determine the Strategies that you’ll need to employee to close all the “gaps”. The rest is simple: breaking down the strategies into smaller projects and then Orchestrating your vision to completion, within all your other responsibilities. Let me know if you have any questions…

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