Company Overview

GAPzip was founded by Andrew Papageorge and Craig Marshall. Craig met Andrew through Beyond Time Management, the methodology Andrew invented and that led to the invention of the first American day planner, The Personal Resource System. Craig led a monastic life for over 30 years before leaving the ashram and joining Andrew in a new business venture they called “GAPzip.”

The pairing of the “monk and the businessman” proved extraordinary and they  quickly gained several high profile personal consulting clients.

In November 2010 GAPzip hosted it’s first workshop in Los Angeles, California. They’ve since held several successful workshops in Southern California while their network of conscious professionals continues to grow.

Their next step is to launch a full-fledged online community enabling members to access new technologies, tutorials, and tools for personal and professional innovation.

Andrew is a seasoned businessman and innovation leader. Craig is a radical creative thinker and expert motivator. Wherever you want to go, GAPzip can help you get there.