Company Purpose

To make the impossible inevitable

What is GAPzip?

GAPzip is a boutique consulting firm, supporting individuals in transition. We offer personal and business consulting, online learning, public speaking and workshops. We digitally distribute and license our proprietary transformational content to a global audience.

Our services help individuals enhance awareness and sense of Self, develop strengths, maximize potential, improve quality of life, and hasten the realization of inner and outer development.

GAPzip helps individuals answer three basic questions:

Who am I?
What do I want?
How do I get it?

Our Values

Our core values include: Fearlessness, Self-Actualization, Integrity, Service, Transparency and Balanced Recklessness.

GAPzip System

The GAPzip System supports “conscious professionals” (anyone seeking personal growth & professional success) to close “gaps” between what they imagine and achieve. Our revolutionary results grow out of unique, proven methods of strategic thinking and action that connect visionary ideas to tangible outcomes.